Staying Connected to WWME and the Weekend

You've gone on a Weekend. Now what?

There are Community Groups throughout the area where you can meet with other couples that have found the Weekend to be a crucial tool in keeping their marriage alive and vibrant.


There are also many opportunities to help keep the WWME vision alive and support the Weekend. Each Weekend needs our help to keep the dream alive!


All of us strive to live the Marriage Encounter lifestyle. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we don't. If you're having trouble, or just need that extra boost, you might want to click here. There are all sorts of things to help us on our journey within the Movement. We've tried to incorporate most of them into our little corner of the Internet.


Inviting others to the Weekend is a struggle that all of us have. We have included some thoughts and ideas on inviting others to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. Be sure to check out the notices for church bulletins. These notices can be used for flyers, brochures, and posters as well. We are Encountered because someone invited us. Shouldn't we pass it on to others?


Give your marriage the attention it deserves. We are here to support you.



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